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To book an appointment online, click on the time you wish to book under the date below to be directed to my secure online booking system.

Initial Consultation Fee: $185+HST  (45 Mins. - 1 Hr.)

Counselling Fee: $185 + HST (45 Mins - 1 Hr.)

Coaching Fee: $275+HST (45 Mins. - 1 Hr.)

Clinical Hypnotherapy/Brainwave Entrainment Fee: $275+HST (45 Mins - 1 Hr.)

Fees can be paid by Cash, Debit or Credit Card.


Please note that I do not have a waiting room at my Sudbury location, so please come for your apppointment time and not early so you won't have to wait outside.  Please park behind the black SUV and use side entrance (the deck).

To book yourself an appointment, click on the time under the date requested to book online and select the session that you are coming in for.  You'll receive a text from my system 24 hours before your appointment time to confirm.

Thank you and see you soon!



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