The Relationship Reboot

Post Pandemic Relationship Reboot


Let’s face it, the pandemic hasn’t just affected our physical health, it’s also affected our emotional health and our relationships.

Emotional triggers, fear, stability, finances, alone time, and homeschooling the children, were all most likely impacted over the past two years, followed by the emotional fallout that leaves us fed up, short of patience, stuck in a rut, and exhausted.

Needs shift, and triggers can resurface leaving us feeling disempowered when big changes occur in our lives. Moving, the end of a relationship, losing a job, homeschooling our children, businesses being impacted, etc. affects us all in different ways. We need to regroup and recalibrate our lives, set new boundaries, and learn how to reinvent our relationships.

This program isn't just for married and long-term couples, this program is for ALL COUPLES, including dating couples. Don't wait for your differences to surface once the 'honeymoon phase' has worn off.  Get ahead of the game and create the relationship you both desire. 

Based on the latest mind tools in Neuroplasticity, Emotional Intelligence, and Positive Psychology, each program is tailored to suit your needs.

Two different minds in the same relationship can create havoc over time especially when the fight for needs arises. During this program, you'll learn how your unconscious mind drives your beliefs and behaviours and how to shift them to work for you not against you. You'll learn how to communicate on a whole new level, and how to respond consciously and unconsciously in a positive manner.


This program is for the following couples:

  • Entrepreneurs Considering Separation 
  • Empty Nesters 
  • Couples running a business 
  • The "Family" business/Relationship 
  • Dating couples 
  • Moving forward together after an affair 
  • Pre-Marital & Married Couples 
  • Couples who want to improve their relationship 
  • Retired Couples

This program has three options:

This 14-session program is a combination of sessions both together and separately and can be completed over an 8-week period, or you can come in for more than one session a week, or you can opt in for the weekend intensive where you work one-on-one with me over the course of the weekend at a resort of your choice, or I can come to you. (Additional fees apply for weekend intensives)

Specific needs will be discussed during the initial consultation.

The initial consultation cost is $235+ HST and takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and is facilitated in my Sudbury office or via Zoom for those of you who are opting in for the weekend intensive.

The Program cost is $4350+HST

This program may qualify for professional development with your employer and is also a business write-off under ‘Professional Development’ for business owners.

Please contact me for more information.

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