Anxiety and Stress

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Invasive thought patterns work against us, preventing us from having peace and balance in our lives. Thought patterns such as:

  • Fears and Phobias
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of being vulnerable & trusting again
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Anger & Rage
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Resolving issues and problems from childhood
  • Relationship and family issues
  • Negative self-talk & mindset
  • Lack of meaning in your life
  • Lack of personal Empowerment

If any of the above are present in your life, and you're ready to make a positive change once and for all, then this 6-8 session process is for you.

stress counselling sudbury

When you begin to recognize and change the limitations that you have put on yourself, you begin to pay attention to what’s really going on in life without the drama. Your behavior changes, you perceive information and react differently because you know your happiness is your choice. You have a clear understanding of who you are, and learn to respect other people’s model of the world. When you go down the road to empowerment there’s no turning back because you’ve gained knowledge and power over your emotions, reactions and most of all your goals and desires.

During this process, you will learn:

  • How to be mindful and aware of your internal dialogue
  • How your mind stores and gives meaning to past experiences
  • Discover your emotional triggers and put strategies into place to disconnect them
  • How to identify what's important to you on a deeper level
  • Identify and change un-resourceful behavioural patterns
  • Re-Write the meaning of your past
  • Identify and reframe beliefs like "I can't trust and be vulnerable", "I'm not good enough", etc.that hold you back from being your authentic self.
  • The framework for achieving successful goals
  • How to be in control of your internal thinking

The beautiful thing about beliefs, is that we aren't born with them, we have learned them from past experiences. Some depression counselling sudbury times the mind doesn't know that it doesn't require a belief any longer, yet it keeps on running it in an effort to keep us safe. Thus ending up with all sorts of negative behaviours.

Take the tour of your mind and learn how you perceive information and beliefs. The bonus is that you get to take the tools with you. I teach them to you so you can apply them in your life for a lifetime of happiness and success.

Working with the unconscious mind, you can reframe your own thought processes, habits, and shift your behaviours to work for you instead of against you. Your unconscious mind is the part of your mind you talk to all day long, the part of your mind that drives the vehicle while you're off in la-la land, the part of your mind you call your 'intuition' or 'gut feeling'.

sudbury life coach This structured approach differs from traditional therapy in that the client is led through a sequence of empowering techniques to adapt the mind to achieve positive change.

This includes visualization techniques, adapting the way in which your mind perceives the world and detaching it from painful and unwanted memories. You can also use it to install new skills, behaviours and habits. The result is ultimately fascinating and self-empowerment.

Timeline Therapy is a more recent development in the field of therapy and looks at where problems and issues arise from so you can safely release them.

Emotional problems

Learn how to reframe emotional problems such as low self esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, destructive relationship patterns, or coping with a break up, to being in control of your state.

Fears and phobias

It takes moments with a mouse, spider, snake, or being on a plane, to create a phobia, and we can disconnect phobias in a few sessions. There are many phobia strategies available depending on the subject and your personal circumstances. The same phobia strategies are successfully used on fears such as fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of examinations, fear of loss, and fear of bridges, and driving to name a few.

Stress reduction for a healthier lifestyle

When we struggle with problems we feel the effects of stress, especially when the problems are longstanding. Addressing the problem reduces the level of stress so therefore not only do we feel better emotionally, we feel physically better too.


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So many of the problems we experience in our lives can be traced back to our childhood. It does not mean that our childhood was violent, unpleasant, lonely or threatening. People who have had an apparently perfect childhood can trace problems, hang-ups, obstacles back to those early days. True many problems are born from uncaring parents, but it is not always the case. We can carry forward many things, recurring behaviour, beliefs in ourselves and our abilities. Beliefs such as “I will never succeed”, or “I am not good at that” or “There is no point in trying”. Patterns of anger, anxiety and low self esteem can originate in the first few years of life.

You may be aware of problems that you experienced in childhood. These can be issues with parents, family members, teachers and friends. You may have experienced violence or abuse, desertion or abandonment: serious issues that affect your life, your relationships and your family. These traumatic events can be the cause of anxiety, painful and crippling panic attacks; they can ruin our relationships and careers; they can be the source of anger, of a fear of letting people near us; they can leave us feeling worthless and ashamed, asking the question “why me”? Many people say they have flashbacks when painful or horrific memories keep returning.

Learn how to reprogram your mind, disconnect your emotional triggers, and create the life you desire.

"EVERYONE is doing the best they can with the internal resources they have. Sometimes we just need new resources". ~Joanna L Cox

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