Corporate Values Alignment

Get your team thinking like you

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Aligning values in the workplace between owners and key management is the single most productive thing you can do for your company. People who are passionate about what they do give your business the wings to soar above those less inspired.

Every company or team, whether actively or accidentally, has a culture and a set of values. Preferably, these are the values of the directors and/or CEO who drive the company’s long term vision.

What management often neglects is ensuring that everyone within the company shares the core values, embraces the company’s vision and is truly driving in the same direction.

Improve relationships between employees

executives Unfortunately, in many companies, people become more concerned about their own wants, needs, desires, and agendas. Their career values are in conflict with their superior or co-worker and a values conflict of "recognition, appreciation" or "communication, respect"can send a talented, productive and ambitious employee searchingfor career fulfillment with your competition while they go throughthe motions of day to day uninspired tasks until a better opportunity comes along.

Gaining alignment in an organization is not easy without the right tools. Everyone brings different thoughts, beliefs and values to their work. And often the thoughts, beliefs and values between people are conflicted.

Often times there is a disconnect with the owner's values, upper level management's values, and key operations staff. This conflict can take a once productive team or department and leave it disconnected, estranged and volatile.

We all know that happy people are positive people and as such they give off positive energy which tends to uplift others.

The Corporate Values Alignment Program creates a healthy, successful, results-oriented corporate culture where everyone comes together with trust, respect, harmony, communication, teamwork, and all personnel are aligned towards the same mission and vision of the organization

Why do some organizations constantly exceed expectations, perform exceptionally, and create outstanding results?

Understanding your employee’s or team's passions and values, and finding alignment with those of the business or group, is the first step to creating a happy and inspired workforce. Such work forces tend to do a great job and give great customer service. They are flexible, adaptable and effective, making your company more productive and resilient.

The key to finding this alignment is to look not just at what you do, but how and why you do it. This ‘thought’ process encourages an intellectual and emotional commitment and fuels the imagination of individuals to find creative ways of connecting with the work that they do. People who feel connected recognize the importance of their part within the whole system and as a result are likely to be more productive, happier people.

This coaching program is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Boards of Directors
  • Partnerships
  • Departmental Heads
  • Key Management
  • Anyone who works with others

This program creates alignment and congruence where the values of each individual are identified, aligned and congruent with the values of the ultimate vision and mission of the organization or team.

  • Team members truly understand and have chosen their own personal values.
  • Team members know and understand the corporate values and vision and see their personal role as integral and significant to achieving it.
  • Team members’ personal values are in alignment, not conflict, with the corporate values and vision so that they feed upon each other.

What if...

...everyone in your team or organization was on the same page?
...your people understood each others thoughts, beliefs and values? could cut costs and build revenue through greater alignment?
...what if this is the best investment you've ever made in your people?

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