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NLP Coaching Cycle for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

The most effective top professionals today are those who know themselves and are able to adapt their behavioral strategies to meet constantly changing demands in all areas of their lives.

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Making decisions in an atmosphere of increasing pressure, uncertainty, and conflicting advice creates challenges for any entrepreneur, top level executive, manager or employee.

Change is constant, and it's impacting everyone. While you may not be able to change the circumstances around you, you can change yourself and that changes everything. The techniques used in this breakthrough are proven to help senior managers, directors and individuals open up their own knowledge in a way that has been eluding them.

This process transforms the way you think. It helps you remove the internal blocks that prevent you from doing and having what you want.

Limiting decisions, limiting beliefs and conflicting values can be eliminated, giving you the ability to make new choices about yourself and your life. Past negative emotions such as anger, guilt and fear can be eliminated very quickly, enabling you to get back on your game at work.

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Your own internal dialogue is your biggest competitor so stop allowing yourself to be a target for energy drains, negativity, fatigue and fear. Become a master at remaining calm in situations that previously would have upset you. Learn to stop looking in the rear-view mirror to see how things have been done in the past and focus on how to create positive momentum for change while staying focused on results despite distractions

Gain the knowledge and techniques that will enable you to reach your goals and live with balance. The same knowledge and techniques that are equally effective in improving business results.

Empowerment Breakthroughs are a formal engagement in which you work in a series of dynamic, confidential sessions designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved business and creativity, clarity of purpose and focus on action.

Focus, overwhelm and stress prevents otherwise intelligent, gifted and amazing people from reaching their true potential. Know where you're going, reveal and clarify your purpose, direction, and desire to be at your best in your career, relationships and in your life. The better you understand yourself, the more effectively you can actualize your ambitions.

Unlock the power of your unconscious mind

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Take a journey into the inner workings of your mind and learn how to turn your goals and dreams into reality.

Successful interactions depend largely on our ability to establish and maintain rapport. Surprisingly, we make most business decisions based on rapport rather than technical merit. You are more likely to buy from, agree with, or support someone you can relate to than someone you can't.

You will learn to develop faster ways of gaining instant rapport with your clients, employees, co-workers, friends, family & anyone you are communicating with.

Greatly increasing communication skills

We will cover the following: breathing, predicates, tonality, key words, posture, sensory acuity, physiology and more.Come to your senses and know your own mind. What are Representational systems and why are they so vitally important to us in our everyday communications with others?
How to ask the right questions and more importantly expect and get high quality answers.

Increasing motivation, focus and drive

· Elicit and communicate your core values
· Identify and change your strategies that are slowing you down from reaching your goals.
· Develop clear objectives

empowerment Removing limitations that restrict your performance

  • learn how to have instant rapport that will improve all aspects of communication between you and your customers, management, friends and family.
  • learn the unconscious use of language and how to listen between the lines to what people are really saying to you

NLP Coaching Cycle includes:

Values, Beliefs & Goals

  • Elicit and hierarchy your values for yourself and your business
  • What it takes to become a successful entrepreneur
  • Get in charge of your results
  • Setting your goals effectively for your business and life

Mastering your Mindset

  • Discover your unconscious mind and the power that lies within it
  • How communication takes place at the unconscious level of the mind
  • How to create excellence
  • Program your mind to make changes that work for you not against you


  • Tap into your inner excellence
  • Remove limitations that currently restrict your performance
  • Change the meaning of past negative emotions that are attached to memories
  • Be at your best at all times

NLP Coaching Cycle $5,500 +HST Sessions are approximately one hour in length each.

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